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King of Glory Lutheran Church    

2201 East 106th Street. 

Carmel, IN 46032

Registration: $10 at the door

No cost for those who are financially restricted

Upcoming Events

Donnamarie Flanagan- Virtual Zoom Meeting on Silence


10:30am to 12:00pm

Join us for a 90 minute presentation on SILENCE by Donnamarie Flanagan via a Zoom Meeting
Go to "ABOUT US" and fill out the "CONTACT US" email
and we will send you the Zoom link and password

Registration cost is usually $10 however this event is donation based.
you may pay by credit card at   

or mail a check to:
1520 Heathrow Court
Carmel, IN  46033


“When language ceases, silence begins.  But it does not begin because language ceases.  The absence of language simply makes the presence of  Silence more apparent.”  Max Picard Silence, xix

Silence, the beginning and end—alpha and omega—of sound and speech, calls us to listen.  Listening beyond words carries us from communication into communion.  In communion, one’s own self is dividend no more, and the barriers dividing us from All That Is are dissolved, at least for a timeless moment.   Thomas Merton tells us, “this is something that the deepest ground of our being cries out for….”  

Recall that the symbol points us to the ungraspable unknown.  Our most effective attempts to speak what cannot really be uttered, deliver us into silence.  

Ironically, for an hour and a half, we will use words in an effort to evoke a greater reverence for the silence that is always present, under, above, and all around the most beautiful sounds and most grating noise.  We may have some minutes of actual silence in the service of enriching our experience of it beyond our short, virtual meeting.  
Donnamarie Flanagan, Jungian Analyst,  is a faculty member of the training programs of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts.  She has a special interest in the Transcendent Function and Longing.  She enjoys leading retreats as well as teaching the fundamentals of the Jungian perspective.  She has a private practice in Lafayette, Indiana.

You will need to have a Zoom account set up on your computer to be able to participate. Should you have questions on how to do this please fell free to contact us on the contact us page in this website.

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